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SEO Tripwire was born out of a special kind of despair that only SEO pros know: Finding out that your carefully crafted campaign failed because of someone else’s changes.

We’ve worked in-house and provided consultation for a number of large companies and those that have weekly sprints/release schedules need a monitoring tool like SEO Tripwire to catch inadvertent changes. Where there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of people involved in the product that’s usually when it happens.

Many times accidental changes/breaks occur to SEO elements (or analytic tracking codes) and this tool was created to catch those breaks within 1 hour.

Regardless of how much training or cheat sheets the other teams have, accidents happen and it’s pretty much unavoidable at large companies. The next thing you know traffic is 20% down, your rank trackers are showing a major decline, and revenues from SEO take a major hit.

This is an additional layer of insurance and protection.

Tom Kazarian (Founder)

Tom is a technical marketer from the Bay Area with 20 years of experience. He’s built, grown, and sold a search engine to Vertical Scope. He’s also the founder of SEOTripwire.com, Obituare.com, and Silicon Valley SEO. Lastly, Tom also leads SEO for eHealth Insurance, the No. 1 health insurance and Medicare website in the U.S.